Testing Facility

Becoming a barber school testing facility.

If you desire to be a Barber School Testing Facility, you must adhere to all the following requirements.

Testing Facility Requirements

  • Must have someone available to be on location between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM to open and close.  Secretary will call 30 minutes prior to being finished so they can lock up. Secretary will communicate with school to inform them an exact time to open.
  • No one is allowed to stay in the facility during testing except for the proctors, secretary, models, and candidates examining.
  • All cameras and audio are to be turned off. No recording of any kind is allowed during testing.
  • Blackout or blinds have to be on windows so no one can see in.
  • Neck strips, neck strip dispensers, quats jars, and lather machines in working order and ready prior to examination. (1 lather machine is required for every 2 stations).
  • Hot and cold running water is required at each sink and portable sinks are to be filled and ready to go with hot and cold running water.
  • Laundered towels in good condition with a minimum of 150 towels must be available.
  • All barber chairs must be properly cleaned, sanitized, and in good working condition.
  • A covered trash receptacle is required at each station and a dirty linen receptacle is required.
  • Must provide seating for minimum 60 individuals.
  • Must be able to maintain a distance between applicants.
  • The school must be in a location that has a quiet environment.
  • Educational material hanging on the walls must be covered or taken down prior to the examination.
  • One sink is required per candidate.
  • Working power outlets to support barber’s tools.
  • One Bio Hazardous container is required at each station.
  • Testing facility will have to sign an agreement that they will follow all rules ,and if requirements are not met or have any facility related issues, this may result in losing the privilege of hosting an examination.
  • The agreement must be signed and dated stating that they understand and will follow all rules put into place.
If you meet the following requirements, please complete the following form Agreement for Barber School to Host Examinations and submit it directly to info@barber.nv.gov
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