Our Mission.

The State of Nevada Barber’s Health And Sanitation Board provides guidance, licensing, and compliance oversight for all barber activities in Nevada. The Board issues Permits to Practice Barbering in the State of Nevada.

Board Purpose
Our purpose is to protect the public's health and safety who obtain professional barber services in the State of Nevada.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure that all barbers in Nevada are well qualified, adequately trained, and capable for providing hygienic professional service in a safe and healthy environment.

Law and Regulation Information
The laws and regulations that enforce consumer protection are the Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 643, and Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 643. Although the Nevada State Legislature approves the laws and regulations, the Board Members contribute to the democratic process by formally addressing complaints, violation appeals, law and regulation revision reviews, and determining proper disciplinary action for unsafe practices at Board Meetings. If you are interested in formally addressing the Board to review a law or regulation, appeal a violation, or for any other reason, please complete the Petition to Appear Before the Board form.

Board Organization
The Board is structured within the Administrative Department of the Nevada State Government. The Governor of Nevada appoints members to the Board. Board Members are appointed to serve for a four (4) year term: a member may only serve two (2) full terms. The Board Members participate in at least four (4) Board Meetings per year. At the Board Meetings, members review complaints, violation appeals, law and regulation revisions, and interact with the public in the democratic process. The Board Staff oversees and performs the operational functions related to testing, licensing, and inspection services.

Board Services
The Board delivers consumer protection services through our testing, licensing, and inspection services. Our Licensing Services help promote consumer protection by informing the public that applicants have proven and demonstrated the knowledge to control infection and disease spread by properly following infection control procedures. Our Inspection Services perform licensing, infection control, and consumer complaint-based inspections of licensed barbershops to ensure compliance with laws and regulations enacted for consumer protection.

Laws, Regulations and Rules.

NRS 643

NAC 643

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